Now you can easily cancel and edit your events!

Today, we’re introducing three new important features to, your personal meeting assistant :

1. Cancel an event

Now, you can cancel an event, no matter if it is confirmed or still being voted on. Just go to the event page after logging in and click on the “Cancel” button. Everyone will receive an email about the meeting cancellation and temporarily booked time slots will be cleaned from your calendar. "Edit" and "Cancel" buttons


2. Edit a confirmed event

You can now change your mind and edit a previously confirmed event.

You can either only update the date or the place, and confirm the event again when you’re done. An updated invite will be sent to the participants and everyone’s calendar will be updated.

Or, you may want to ask the participants to vote again on new suggestions. Just make them and 10 minutes later, an update will be sent to participants.



3. Suggest new dates in your local time zone

Everyone’s local time zone is detected automatically. In a multi-time zone meeting, everyone can now suggest time slots that work for them in their local time zone. They will be automatically converted for all other participants. sync calendar time picker



Do you like these new features? Do you have a meeting to plan?

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