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Login with Google to access

To access, your need to log with your Google account. Remember that, when logging in with Google, you DO NOT share your password with It remains confidential as you log on a highly  secure Google page, via the OAuth2 protocol.

The only information that you share with is the information asked on the Google account permissions page below.












 asks permissions for actions below :

– View your email address

– View basic information about your account

– Manage your calendars

– View your contacts


Why does ask for access to your email and basic information? asks access to your email to be able to communicate with you about your events. Your name and your photo are displayed on the event page. We send an email on your behalf to the other participants when you create an event, when you add new suggestions, when you confirm, edit, or cancel an event and when you send a message. That’s it.


Why does ask for access to your contacts? asks for access to your contacts for you to easily invite your contacts when logged onto You only need to type the first letters of the email or name of your contacts and suggests you a relevant list of contacts. Like with any other personal information, will not share participants’ e-mail addresses with third parties. will not send any e-mail to contacts that you have not invited to a event. does not make any modification to your Google contacts.


Why does ask for access to your calendar? asks access to your calendar for you to create and access events in the relevant timezone. You can also easily suggest dates in from a calendar synchronized with your Google Calendar. Moreover, temporarily inserts pre-booked slots in your calendar (as OPTIONS) for your date suggestions and the ones made by invitees. displays your rough availability to the other participants i.e. if you are available or busy. They can easily suggest dates that are convenient to you. Of course, the details of your schedule remain secret and confidential. Your invitees only see when you are busy.

Analytic data uses Mixpanel and Google Analytics software to analyse usage statistics and improve the product on a weekly basis These services are provided by Mixpanel, Inc. and by Google, Inc., respectively. Their privacy policies can be found at and


Access caution

To access an event (event page), you or any other invitee need to be connected with their Google account or need to use the unique link provided by (sent by email).

We highly encourage you to never forward an email or message sent to you by as it may expose a unique link to your recipients. Accessing that link would enable them to interact with this event (including but not limited to: voting, adding new suggestions, adding invitees, or send a message) as yourself.

However it will not enable your recipients to log in as yourself on, and thus will prevent them to access your other events or to create an event as yourself. Should you want to invite someone to an event, you can invite that person from the event page.

Data hosting databases are hosted on Amazon Web Services, in their data center located in Ireland.

All communications between your browser and hour servers is encrypted and happen over a secure SSL connection.


Usage of cookies

As most web services do, uses cookies to store information in your browser. also uses a newer technology called Local Storage for that purpose.

This information is very lightweight, is only accessible by and yourself and is needed for features such as keeping you logged in and editing a draft event.

Third party technologies used by (including but not limited to Google Analytics and Mixpanel) also use cookies.


Updates in Privacy Policy reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time. The most current version of this policy is available at

September 15, 2014

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